The concert season 2023

Sunday the 29th of october 2023 at 16 Uhr 30 in the church of Saessolsheim :

Concert : Portrait of an artist : Romina Lischka, Viola da Gamba – Indian song (Ragas)

Romina Lischka is a specialist of the Viola di Gamba. Austrian, she lives in Belgium.
With Francis Jacob (harpsichord, organ) she will explore the gamba repertoire and Indian songs.

Romina Lischka has a wonderful career as a soloist, in chamber music or as conductor of her ensemble Hathor Consort, with which she explores the repertoire of baroque music in a wide variety of configurations, from few musicians to large ensembles. The Viole Consort (set of several viols, between 3 and 8) appears quite frequently in these projects. She is regularly invited by musicians such as Philippe Herrewhege, Stephan MacLeod, Philippe Pierlot…
Francis Jacob is organ professor at the Strasbourg Conservatoire and concert artist (solo or in the ensemble Gli Angeli, Hathor Consort, Le Concert Royal, etc.). He is the artistic director of the Association of Friends of the Organ of Saessolsheim.
For this concert, “Portrait of an Artist” Romina Lischka, accompanied by Francis Jacob, presents two important sonatas from the viol repertoire (sonatas for gamba and harpsichord): in G major by Johann Sebastian Bach and in G minor by Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach. The other musical side of Romina Lischka is Indian classical sung music. She studied ragas singing in a special training course in Rotterdam and while traveling in India. This unexpected and particularly original connection between Baroque music for viola da gamba and Indian ragas offers a rare musical experience and forms the musical portrait of this artist. The program also includes organ works.

Information, reservation : 00 33 6 88 12 54 79 ; internet-site :

Sunday January 8, 2023 at 4:30 p.m. : Jazz concert in the church of Saessolsheim by Pierre Jacob (Organ) and Fabrice Ley (saxophone). Entrance free – collect.

The organ of church of saessolsheim is German baroque style organ, built by Bernard Aubertin in 1995. It’s ideal for the interpretation of German baroque music, particularly J. S. Bach, but as all good organs, it can also appropriate other styles ! This will be the case on Sunday, January 8, 2023 at 4:30 p.m., for a concert entirely devoted to jazz. Pierre Jacob (organ) and Fabrice Ley (saxophone) are two young 20 -year -old musicians, who have developed some years ago a jazz repertoire on the piano and saxophone, or on pipe organ and saxophone. They played severall concerts in Alsace, west of France, Switzerland … For their duo, they have worked on known and less known jazz standards, by George Shearing, Herbie Hancock, Thad Jones, Antônio Carlos Jobim, Art Blakey … The melodies are for some coaching, sometimes obsessive, other ones are touching or nostalgic, redeploying these standards in a dialogue with multiple resources between saxophone and organ, the result having only the limits of the imagination, rich in the numerous possibilities of the organ, with its different keyboards, registers, allowing to create multiple atmospheres thanks to its bass, its solo sounds, its accompaniments, which gives the change to inflections full of life and expression of the song of the saxophone. And the magic of the direct operates : the entire program is made of improvisations, depending on the inspiration and the atmosphere of the moment … You will find videos of Pierre Jacob (organ) and Fabrice Ley (saxophone) , by doing the following research on YouTube: Pierre Jacob chain and Fabrice Ley. Informations, reservations : ASAMOS, Phone: 00 33 6 88 12 54 79; E-mail:; Internet-site : –
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