Introduction ; videos

Saessolsheim is a charming village located in the heart of Alsace, in the East of France.

Since the wonderdul new organ was built by Bernard Aubertin &endash; one of the best French organ builders &endash; various organ, instrumental and vocal concerts have been held with the participation of professional performers and ensembles displaying their talent mostly in early music repertoires.

In the summer, an international Organ Academy attracts organists from various European countries.

Thanks to its exceptional standards, the organ has been selected and used for numerous CD recordings.

You can also visit the site from Francis Jacob :

Watch Francis Jacob playing Praeludium BWV 545 by J. S. Bach at the organ of Saessolsheim


Praeludium in E minor (the great) Nicolaus Bruhns (1665 – 1697), Francis Jacob during the concert in Saessolsheim from september the 15th of 2013