2017 – le stage d’orgue et pianoforte / the organ and pianoforte academy

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Le stage d’orgue et pianoforte 2017 (orgue, improvisation, clavicorde et pianoforte)


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       Professeurs :                            Freddy Eichelberger, concertiste, Marseille

Michel Gaechter (pianoforte), professeur au Conservatoire de Strasbourg

Francis Jacob, professeur au Conservatoire de Strasbourg

Jan Willem Jansen, professeur au Conservatoire de Toulouse

Benjamin Righetti, professeur à la Haute École de Lausanne (Suisse)

Claude Roser, professeur à l’école de musique de Saverne

  • Photo : F. Eichelberger – C. Roser – M. Gaechter
  •             B. Righetti – F. Jacob – J. W. Jansen

Les 6 professeurs du stage de Saessolsheim


Les concerts en lien avec le stage : « Le clavier dans tous ses états », 7 concerts par les 6 professeurs du stage en 7 jours sur 8 instruments différents, à travers tout le département du Bas-Rhin.

❀ Vendredi 21 juillet, 19h, Saessolsheim, salle polyvalente, concert de pianoforte par Michel Gaechter. Œuvres de Mozart, Beethoven. Pianoforte Théo Kobald, copie de Walter 1795.

❀ Samedi 22 juillet, 19h, église de  Haegen, concert d’orgue par Claude Roser. Œuvres de Muffat, Böhm, Walther. Orgue Verschneider-Gaillard (1853/2005)

❀ Dimanche 23 juillet, 17h, église de Marmoutier, concert d’orgue par Jan Willem Jansen. «Tels pères, tels fils» (œuvres de Sweelinck(s), Scarlatti(s), Corette(s). Orgue Silbermann 1709

❀ Lundi 24 juillet à 19h, Église de Ettendorf, concert d’orgue par Freddy Eichelberger : Battmann (19è s.), Moondog (20è s.), improvisations. Orgue Rinckenbach 1908 

❀ Mardi 25 juillet, 19h, Église de Kintzheim, concert d’orgue par Francis Jacob. Répertoire romantique et symphonique. Œuvres de César Franck. Orgue Rinckenbach 1926

❀ Mercredi 26 juillet, 19h, Église de Griesheim-sur Souffel  par Benjamin Righetti : toccatas de J. S. Bach. Clavicorde et orgue Silbermann 1746. De grandes pièces jouées sur de petits instruments

❀ Jeudi 27 juillet, 19h, église de Saessolsheim, concert d’orgue, pianoforte, par les 6 professeurs du stage. Musiques baroque et romantique.

A propos des instruments :

Concerts sur les instruments suivants :
Deux orgues du 18e siècle :
• un « grand » : Marmoutier (Andreas Silbermann, 1709, 28 jeux)
• un « petit » : Griesheim-sur Souffel  (orgue Silbermann 1746, 12 jeux)

Un orgue en partie du 19e siècle :
• Haegen : orgue de Verscheider 1853, Roethinger 1905, Michel Gaillard 2005, 15 jeux)

Deux orgues symphoniques début 20e siècle :
• Kintzheim (près de Sélestat) : orgue Stiehr (1846) dont il reste le buffet, Rinckenbach (1926 reconstruction, pneumatique), 2010 : restauration et agrandissement par la maison Bernard Aubertin (Michel Gaillard).

• Ettendorf : orgue Rinckenbach (1908, pneumatique, 22 jeux).

Un orgue de style baroque allemand construit il y a une vingtaine d’années :
• l’orgue Bernard Aubertin de Saessolsheim (1995) de style baroque allemand fin 17e siècle, 30 jeux

Un clavicorde à pédalier :
• un clavicorde à pédalier

Un pianoforte :
• copie d’un pianoforte Anton Walter de 1795/1800, réalisée en 2011 par Theo Kobald

Au plaisir de vous voir autour de cette belle panoplie d’orgues alsaciens et autres claviers

les instruments des concerts du stage d'orgue de Saessolsheim 2017


Les concerts de la série « Le clavier dans tous ses états », (du 21 au 27 juillet), bénéficient du soutien de la SPEDIDAM  ; la SPEDIDAM est une société de perception et de distribution qui gère les droits des artistes interprètes en matière d’enregistrement, de diffusion et de réutilisation des prestations enregistrées
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L’académie de Saessolsheim bénéficie du soutien de la Caisse des Dépôts, du Conseil Régional Grand Est, de la DRAC Alsace, du Conseil Départemental du Bas-Rhin et du Crédit Mutuel.





In english :

Organ and pianoforte academy of Saessolsheim 2017 (organ, improvisation, clavichord)

• Organ and pianoforte-academy from july the 20th to july the 27th, 2017 in Saessolsheim (Alsace, France), around the B. Aubertin organ.

Theme of the academy : Organ : repertory from baroc to romantic ; improvisation ; clavichord. Pianoforte : Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven (works before 1803). Detailed program : see the document (written in French, but that should not be a problem for people to understand the days, and the titles of the pieces proposed : please click on following link to download that document : dépliant du stage). Most days are organised that way : morning, 4 groups, each one with one teacher, afternoon : all participants together. Monday : all together.

• Organised by the Association des Amis de l’Orgue de Saessolsheim (Association of the friend of the organ of Saessolsheim), this academy is open to organists and pianists of every level.

– Beginning Wenesday, thursday, the 20th of july at 5 PM in the church of Saessolsheim. For the people coming by train, a member of our association can take them at the station (there isn’t one in Saessolsheim) : choose best the station of Wilwisheim (5 km from Saessolsheim), or Hochfelden (8 km), or Saverne (10 km) or Strasbourg (25 km). Possibility to come from the airport also. There are also bus from Strasbourg to Saessolsheim.

Study organs are available in villages around Saessolsheim. Some solutions for sleeping are also outside of Saessolsheim. So it will be good if the participants who come by car could help to transport other participants. The association will organise exactly those drivings and give some money to the drivers for the cost. For pianoforte : the instrument (copy byTheo Kobald of an instrument from Walter 1795) will be in the salle polyvalente of Saessolsheim.

The lessons will be mostly in French. Translation can be given if asked.

– the lessons are described in the specific document. For a good organisation, the participants are asked to give on a separated paper, with their inscription the complete list of the groups they want to integrate (specialy for the organists, or people wanting to have lessons on both instruments) and the pieces they want to play.

– friday 28th of july (or thursday evening) : back-travel of the participants.

• the teachers :

Freddy Eichelberger. Organist and harpsichord-player, he plays concerts as solist and as member of ensembles, and likes very much to do events which link music, theater, humour («Les Witches»). He likes to do and to teach improvisation.

Francis Jacob. Organist and harpsichord-player, he plays concerts as solist and as member of ensembles (ricercar, Gli Angeli). He was winner of several organ competitions (Boulogne s/ Mer, Brugges). He is professor at the Conservatoire of Strasbourg, and does organ building with Bernard Aubertin.

Jan Willem Jansen (professor at the Conservatoire of Toulouse). He plays with the best barock-ensembles : La Chapelle Royale, EBL (Christophe Coin), Hesperion XX (Jordi Savall)…

Benjamin Righetti. After his studies in Switzerland and in Toulouse, he won several prices in international competitions, under those Freiberg and la Ville de Paris (both first price). Next organ, he plays clavicord.

Claude Roser. Diplomed of the regional conservatoire of Paris, teacher at the music-school of Saverne, C. Roser won the first prize of the Guilmant-organ-competition of Boulogne s/ Mer (1989).

Michel Gaechter. Pianoforte. Professor in the Conservatoire de Strasbourg. For many years, he took a groving interest in historical pianos, coming to play them as well in solo-concerts as in chamber music.

• Program

The organ lessons are given on the program indicated, and on works on free choice, if there is some time left (normally not so much). Benjamin Righetti gives also some lessons on clavichord. Freddy Eichelberger and Francis Jacob will also work on improvisation.

Pianoforte : works of Mozart and Haydn, and by the first Beethoven (before 1803)

• Price : Pedagogical costs 200 Euros (50 Euros prepayed with the inscription). This price doesn’t include sleeping and eating.

Sleeping : possibilities night and breakfeast for cheap (exact price given after inscription : about 15€ a night), in a center, 15 km from Saessolsheim (single rooms). This possibilities are proposed in the limit of the available places. The association will organise the drivings with the cars of the participants for the lessons. Lunch and dinner organised : about 8 Euros pro eating (with some exceptions). The association will give back : 0,15 Euros pro km to the participants for the ways of the academy (lessons and going back to the rooms for the one outside Saessolsheim, but not for the participants who find an other solution for sleeping, by friends for example).

In particular cases (financial difficulties), the Association can diminue the price of the participation. Ask for it wanted.


• Inscription

Organ and pianoforte academy of Saessolsheim 2017

Please send the following form (you can download it with following link : inscription formular in pdf) ; same in word compatible format : inscription word format). Please fill out and send one of those two documents to AS.AM.O.S (= Association des Amis de l’Orgue de Saessolsheim), 3 rue Neuve F-67270 Saessolsheim, as soon as possible and before the 21th June of 2017. For a good organisation, it is asked to the participants to give the groups they want to participated to, and the works they want to play in each lesson (of course, it is not waited, and not possible, that each participant plays in each lesson). Make a cross in the right « ◊ »

◊ Mr. ◊ Mrs ◊ Miss Surname : …………………………………………………

Name : ………………………………………. Tel. : …………………………………

E-mail : ……………………………………………………………….

Adress : …………………………………………………………………………………….

Postal code : ……………….. Town : ……………………………………………..

Land : …………………….

◊ wants to participate to the organ and pianoforte academy 2017 of the Association des Amis de l’Orgue de Saessolsheim.  I send with this inscription 50 Euros, part of the total of 200€ for the participation (not including lodging and meals). If it’s too complicated to send money from a foreign country, it’s possible to pay in full in Saessolsheim; however,  our Association requests that, in the eventuality of a cancellation, that the participant notify us as soon as possible. If the association agrees to  a participant  paying in full upon arrival, registration can be done by email rather than by regular land mail

◊ wants to participate as an organist

◊ wants to participate as pianist

◊ wants to participate as an organist and to have one lesson on the pianoforte

◊ wants to participate as an pianist and want to have one lesson on the organ

◊ other wishes (for example half pianoforte and half organ, please contact us)

◊ (for the clavichord, see the indicated lesson on this instrument in the timetable)

◊ if available, I would like to have a room provided by the association. (exact price given later).

◊ I will arrange my own lodging

◊ I will come by train/plane (Time and station : …………………….)

◊ I will come by bus (Time : ……………

◊ I will come by car.

◊ I agree to take my car and to take with me other participants for the academy.

◊ I will go back on following day : …………………….

◊ I will go back with following train : time and station : …………………….

◊ My age on July the 20th of 2017 : ………………………………………………

◊ For  participants under 18 years of age : parents must write and send a letter which clears the association of any responsibility for their son or daughter outside the times of the normal activities of the academy.

◊ I indicate the groups I want to participate to (with the name from the pieces I will play).